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A Dog's Story

Why Should Humans Have All The Fun?

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‘A dog is a man’s best friend.’ For many of us, our pets mean the world! Our happiness lurks around their cute little twinkly tales free of worries & responsibilities and who are here only to live to the fullest.  But as soon as a holiday is planned, we put them under a second preference. The worries of leaving them behind, at times, get to our head. Himmat Anand, the owner of Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels was a fellow-struggler who could never find a reasonable, pretty and comfortable accommodation where the entire experience could be prioritised for Jugnu (his Labrador).  The real-life John Wick came up with the idea of opening ‘A Dog’s Story’ where it is fair to say that it’s a pet-accommodation which is human-friendly! All the stresses and worries can be mitigated. A pet-focused show more