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Akash Ganga

Ranaji's Ultimate Hospitality

Starting from 3,584 / night
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I have something as spotless as the Ganges itself - Akash Ganga Homestay. A name which reflects the same essence as that of the Ganges river with its warmth, purity and serenity.  It is a 65-year old homestay built by Ranaji’s forefather and is consequently the oldest house in the village. While the old-school charm of mud, stone and cow-dung (or Gabbar is known locally) is omnipresent, the hospitality of Ranaji is what makes Akash Ganga special! Ranaji and his wife collectively carry out all the household chores like fetching wood for cooking, grass for the cattle, and other agricultural practices.  Tiniest of details like wooden doors, traditional locks, Jyeti (a utensil for boiling water), old-school rooms etc keep you entertained as every nook of this house has to present something u show more