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Asian Elephant Feeding On Rohini Mallotus Philippensis (Tree)

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Rohini is a small to medium size tree with bigger specimens attaining upto 25m height. It is distributed from Afghanistan to Australia with its stronghold being in areas including South Asia and South-east Asia. Rohini is also known by the name of Kumkum tree due to the resemblance of a red dye procured from its fruit's covering with 'kumkum' powder. Asian Elephants love to feed on the tender branches of the Rohini tree. An elephant can probably never resist the temptation of plucking a few branches from a Rohini tree that it comes across. Once plucked, the branch is held in the mouth, and the trunk, in a hand-like fashion, strips off all its leaves. The leaves are dropped and the juicy branches are eaten with great relish. This female Asian Elephant was seen feeding on the branches o show more