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Barot Ki Baraf

India's First Hiking Hostel

A collection by Sachin Chauhan24K followersTravel Photographer
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“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." Zostel is a quaint and minimalistic hostel nestled in the pristine and mountains of Barot Valley where one has to hike for 1-2 hours to settle into this scenic abode.  You're miles away from civilisation or commercialisation (no cafes, no hotels, no offices; only the mighty mountains, gushing river, horses and locals), that when one returns from here, the bar of expectations can never be matched. But don't let this facade fool you for a shortage of amenities, it's on par with any other hostel & is ideal for digital nomads and anyone who loves a self-contained getaway. While it may not fit well into everyone's ideal destination, but it's a major yes for trekking lovers! One could explore the village of Rajgundha, opt for a 6 km hike to M show more