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Best Refresher in Gurgaon

Starting from 2,240 / night
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Gurgaon. Ah, the city that's all about the urban mess. A city, which often submerges the idea of refreshing ourselves. But, allow me to pitch-in a different idea for you. What if you're allowed to have a break at a place that's just about 30 minutes away from Gurgaon's centre? ​Escape Campsite is a boho-decor space with green surroundings, dim lights, hammocks, bean bags and much more! You may bring your friends, family or even pets to have a great glamping experience.  A little hill separates the camp area from the area where the host's villa and kitchen are located. A warm and courteous staff stays at the neighbouring quarters and will be at your service throughout your stay. On weekends, you have comedians, artists, Indie-bands just to recreate some crazy vibes! My favourite was a y show more