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Chilling at Jilling!

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Starting from 8,500 / night
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Uff, uff, a boutique stay that requires a trek to reach the place!  The U.S.P. of the place is that one has to park their car at a village, post which you'd be required to trek for 1-1.5 hr (moderate level) through large conifers, thick oaks, laden peaches, plum and apple orchards! But there's nothing to worry, the hosts will take care of your luggage, will even offer you a carriage system (mule rides) in case you feel weary.  The tastefully done interiors replete with wood, stone and charming colours sure turn out to be a delight.  Fun fact - If you're lucky enough, a wild boar might just cross paths!  Another point to notice is its self-sustainability. It works in its own ecosystem where the sourcing of fruits and veggies is done from local farmers and the remaining from the bounties show more