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Experience The Kumaon Ranges at Woodnotes Stay!

Chetan's Charming Stay

Starting from 4,500 / night
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If you’re looking for something simple, mystic and peaceful - do allow Woodnotes to be in your Bucket List. The host, Chetan, is a humble man who had decided to leave his profession in Advertising to promote the culture of his native land and to help the residents earn a better standard of living. It’s around 3 Kms from Nathuakhan and about 45 Kms from Nainital. As the place is spread over a vast land, the views are uncluttered and hence you get to see the different colours of the sky.  They had offered us cycling, yoga, soft & medium treks for our adventure and relaxation. A small library also kept us company.  As everything is about staying in touch with the roots of one’s upbringing; the rooms are eco-friendly and represent the Kumaon touch and such is the aura of the food as well! show more