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Explore Pushkar With Madpackers!

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Here's the top 5 places to spend your time in Pushkar: 1. Pap Mochani (or Gayatri Mata Temple) - is a small hilltop temple that brings you panoramic views of Pushkar. It's perfect for a sunrise or sunset viewpoint! 2. Savitri Temple - dedicated to the desolated wife of Lord Brahma, Savitri. Ages old, built in 1687. The temple requires a good climb to reach the hilltop, however, you also have a cable-rope service available. 3. Brahma Temple - it's believed that lord Brahma, himself, had chosen the location for this temple. It's one of the most prominent ones out of the 500+ temples that exist in Pushkar. 4. Pushkar Lake - It is the sacred lake of the Hindus, holding a high religious sanctity. Hindus describe it as 'Tirtha Guru,' which means the perceptor of pilgrimage sites related show more