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Heavenly Nestle!

Staying at The Jibhi Heaven

Starting from 1,500 / night
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This one is about my day at the Jibhi Heaven. I honestly wanted to look forward to something that is unique, underrated, offbeat and mostly SECLUDED. Although Jibhi is quite isolated in itself. My budget was low but I didn't want to stay at a hostel. Jibhi Heaven came to my rescue with a reasonable price and ultimate hospitality. In fact, the host even took me a for a personal bullet ride to see the nooks of Jibhi that no one knows about! If we have to talk about the views, it's simply fantastic! Quaint villages down the hill and forests around you. Trust me - pictures don't do any justice to the beauty of this place. My only suggestion to you guys is that please don't expect premium service like that provided by a hotelier. It's sort of a plush home-stays.