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Jewel In Crown, Exploring Nigeen Lake!

Wangnoo's Legacy

Starting from 4,455 / night
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Let me share the story of Mr. Wangnoo, who owns the Jewel In Crown Houseboat. “My name is Asif Wangnoo, the owner of ‘Jewel In Crown’ houseboats in Kashmir. This is the story of my heritage, struggles and perseverance through these unprecedented times.  Our houseboat has been in our family for more than 100 years now. I’ve been in the family business since the age of 12. My father always said to me ‘love and care, as there is nothing else to spare.’ I have tried to keep true to it since 2015 when he left for the heavenly abode and I was given the responsibility for running our business.  My Kashmir is a beautiful place. From the loving people to scenic mountains and pristine lakes, I have loved growing up here. However, it is often overshadowed by how it is portrayed in the media. For show more