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Jibhi: A Cute Village - Things To Do!

An Enchanting Tale

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Jibhi, is a village located in the remote region of Banjar Valley, in Himachal Pradesh. Things to pay a visit: 1. Chaini Kothi - a towering, religious structure that follows the ancient Pahadi architecture. This magnificent structure has resulted in its presence even today as the even the ravages of time couldn't turn it pale. Fun fact? There's a secret tunnel underneath the heritage property. 2. Try out the 5-kilometre, gentle trail to see the beautiful Seroyul Lake. 3. Then we have the ruins of Raghupur Fort. 4. Mini Thailand - an amalgamation of two hut-like gigantic stones. It requires a small downhill trek of 5 minutes from the Jibhi Village road. 5. Jibhi Waterfall - leaving this to your own exploration! If you've arrived here, ask any one of the villagers and they'd be show more