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Know your hidden gem - H2O House near Chamba

Starting from 2,800 / night
A collection by Kritika SachdevaBlogger
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‘H2O House’ is a very old well maintained ancestral property that is over a hundred years old. It's situated in Chamba, a valley between beautiful green mountains, a rushing stream runs around and under it giving it its name. H20 house is perfect to experience a stay with Indian rural family. Ages ago this place used to be the prime hub for villagers, who used to come here to get their ‘wheat’. We call them ‘Gharat’ (grinding mill) they used the stream water to turn the mill that made wheat flour. This makes H2O house a place that holds special significance to the entire surrounding community. The place is a bit secluded and is located in a very quiet and extremely scenic location away from the noise of any crowded town nearby. The setting is natural, pristine, absolutely beautiful and tr show more