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Luxury just for once! 😜

Massively luxurious property in Jodhpur

Starting from 22,302 / night
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Although we love to talk about budget stays, sometimes, the wants get the best out of us. :P :P This is a Palace where the royal family of Rohet resides and part of it is converted into a hotel, welcoming guests from all over the world! Yes, we say world, coz the suite that we stayed in was once graced by the famous Madonna on one of her travels 😱 The hospitality here is beyond compare. The King himself greets each one of the guests at dinner time every night! HouseOfRohet at RohetGarh is till date the best luxurious stay we've enjoyed in India. The food, the service, the entire property including the rooms as well as the common access areas exude luxury like no other.