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No Society!

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This post is about ‘No Society’ Cafe, Homestay and Treehouse. This is what the owner has to say about it: “The riches of life make you happy, but the riches of heart make you the happiest! Greetings, I am Piyush Gupta and this is my story of kickstarting No Society Café. A place where nature & community flush together and bid farewell to the conventional norms of the world. Rewinding the cassette, it was 2017 when I had freshly graduated out of NIFTEM as a food technologist. With high spirits and high headedness, I went on to intern with a start-up in Ahmedabad to design products. Things were flowing great, brilliant ideas being pitched in with a wholesome heart. Until one day, I was 15 minutes late for my office. A single darn day. A half reduction in my stipend was the shallowness I show more