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Socha hai kya tumne kya kabhi? Socha hai ki Zindagi hai kyu? If you're looking for such answers that connect to you on a whole another dimension of spirituality, Amrit Bhawan welcomes you. One of the most offbeat and rarest properties in the whole of Haridwar. Let me present you some words of Varun, who owns this place: "I come from architecture. It was my final year, 2 of my friends and I were exploring Old Delhi for project work. We were studying the morphology & lifestyles of people here and its evolution. Each mohalla had a story to tell. From 300-year-old mosques to spice markets that are still bustling with life, it depicts a timeless era. And just like that, we fell in love. We decided to share this with fellow students and go on fun walks - telling stories, under the name o show more