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Rescued By Gadegal Homestay

Hushed Abode

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Imagine deciding to cover a distance of 270 Kms, on a bike, in a single day, in the mountains. Seems plausible right? We thought the same! But nature had different plans for us. We had to suffer a strong surge of rainfall and snowfall for a continuous 6 of hours. All my clothes were drenched. In fact, the claimed waterproof items that we had like our shoes or jackets; bid adieu to us. 🤣🤣 It was our first road trip and felt more of a miserable one. 150 km into the journey, even our gloves gave up. It was -2 degrees, and we were shivering because of cold. Finally, our bodies gave up and we couldn't have sustained this tormenting journey anymore! The worst part? We were stranded. Our booking destination was another 70-80 kms away, our phones died, and there was nothing to be seen aro show more