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Shudh Desi Pahadi Pyaar - Rafi's House

Chamba Ki Roshani

Starting from 650 / night
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Tons of tribal communities, a beautiful reflection of the culture and the past. And among all of these, there’s one known as the Gujjar Tribal Community. Rafi is one member of this tribe and this homestay is run by him.  This region of Chamba is completely untouched and unexplored, bringing you the best of Himalayan lifestyle. You’ll be shocked to know the vast differences between a quiet and settled life of the mountains with a hustling and crowded life of the metropolitan(s). It’s a family of 12, who don’t know much about the industrial standards of hospitality, however, their sheer generosity and wholeheartedness puts everything at shame. It’s simple, memorable and value for money.