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Svanir Wilderness Ecostay

Boutique Homestay In Outskirts Of Bhubaneswar

Starting from 6,720 / night
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This farm property, although I've not been here, is a dream destination. The 'all-women' run team is an impeccable example of a loveable hospitality. You have charming and homely interiors, delicious food, brilliant rural stories, board games, and dense greenery! Indrani and Soumya, the two co-founders of this place, purposely left their jobs to pursue this calmer way of living a beautiful life. Could you guess the meaning of SvaNir? . . . . . It means 'Own Home.' The location is driveable, though on the outskirts. At your own home, you have plenty to explore and indulge in - be it mindless strolls or curated thoughts. :D