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Travel was never this rewarding!

A collection by Swapnil Vats450 followersCo founder at Holidaying
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Travel was never this rewarding! If you are someone who loves capturing your trip experiences through videos, insta stories, and posts - this is going to be game-changing for you. Share your travel experiences, discoveries and insider trips on the Holidaying app and tag your stays. This helps our travellers discover new ideas and you get rewarded for bookings as well as views on your trips! Our launch offers are exciting. We offer INR 2 for every view you get and 5% of the booking amount booked via your trips. Your earning potentials are limitless and travellers around the world discover the best ways to travel! Go to the profile section on the Holidaying app --> add-blog --> share your discovery. It takes less than 2 minutes to share your trip and get started.