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Advance Water Sports Pack

An Enticing Combo Of Various Water Activities

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For all those adventure junkies out there who never get enough of some boat towed action, splashing wind-in-hair moments. These rides make you share some thrills on the waves with your loved ones. The fast paced bumper ride, jet-ski and banana ride are just what you need if you are the one who hunts for a place to quench your thirst for water sports and have the best vacation ever. Feeling the splash of water on you face while gliding on the Goan waters will leave you absolutely mesmerized. Spla show more

A photo walkthrough

What Water Sports Look Like!

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A recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy wing.
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Jet Ski
Your personal watercraft used mainly for recreation.
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Banana Ride
An unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant to be towed.
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Bumper Ride
It involves a donut-shaped raft being tied to a speedboat and taken for a high-speed ride on the waves.
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Speed Boat
A speed boat ride lets you ride the waves of the ocean at speeds of 50 miles per hour!

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • A fun activity combo for adventure junkies.

With whom?

  • It's a shared activity.

Where does it start?

  • You have to reach Baga Beach.
  • You'll cover everything in 2 hours.

You get

  • An instructor to accompany you.
  • Find yourself parasailing along with a dip in the ocean.
  • A solo Jet ski ride (or with an instructor).
  • Banana and bumper ride as well.
  • A thrilling speed boat ride.

Things to remember

  • Transportation is not provided.

Something unique

Cover all the major water sport activities of Goa at a fraction of price!

Tips from insiders

  • People with medical conditions, hear patients and pregnant women are to avoid this.
  • Minimum age to participate is 10 years.
  • Guests are recommended to carry personal water bottle.
  • Have a waterproof pouch for your phones.
  • Have an extra set of wearable to be on the safer side.
  • It is mandatory to have proper footwear.