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Body Boarding

A Thrilling Water Sport - Boarding Activity

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Pack some action in your day with an exciting session of body-boarding .On an average, a body-board is made up of hydrodynamic foam that is short and rectangular in shape. Also known as Boogie Boarding after Tom Morey’s invention of the famous Boogie Board, body boarding requires a surfer to ride the board on his chest & face and consequently the underbelly of a wave that when done properly, should carry him/her to the shore. With us, you will get the chance to ride and learn with and from seaso show more

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • Surf the waves on a board by lying on your chest and face.
  • Change the underbelly positioning for better stability.
  • Get the chance to ride and learn with seasoned professionals.

With whom?

  • It's a personal experience.

Where does it start?

  • The activity takes place at Baga beach.
  • It'll take around 60 minutes to complete.

You get

  • An instructing session with a guide.
  • Safety equipment is provided.
  • Your boarding session.

Things to remember

  • Transportation is not provided.
  • Personal expenses aren't included.

Something unique

Body-boarding is one the easiest and most fun water sport suitable for almost every age group.

Tips from insiders

  • People with medical conditions should avoid this.
  • Swimwear is a must have.
  • Have an extra outfit on you with a towel as well.