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Cafe Mambo's

Partying Lounge & Nightclub On Tito's Lane

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This round-the-clock comes under Tito’s club who are known for their popular nightclubs right over the Baga beach. With a huge roofed-in dance floor, an outdoor lounge and a terrace, there is plenty of space for the hoppers. The parties host both domestic and international artists and performers covering all the electronic, pop, house, Bollywood music and other entertainment events. The club usually packs in a lot of crowd which could be great motivation. From Ladies’ night to Karaoke days, ever show more

Something unique

It is one of the popular nightclub in Goa known for its economical pricing.

Tips from insiders

  • Approx. Rs 1500 for two.
  • Visit their Instagram page to be updated about the upcoming gigs.
  • Plan your travel back to your staying place beforehand.
  • Do carry a valid ID card.
  • Hold your liquor and know your limits.
  • Prefer going along with whom you're familiar.
  • Respect the crowd without impeding someone's personal space.