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Enjoy Food With A Serene Look Of The Beach

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Calamari Bathe & Binge is as particular as the name can get for what it provides: Bathe and Binge! A dip in the ocean along with some relishing food is a deadly combo. With a white and clean ambiance, a touch of calmness is added to the entire shack with a panoramic view of the beach. Good food, music and service make it a very popular place amongst the tourists. The cuisines on offer are North India, Chinese and local Goan. Italian sorbets, margarona are good options for drinks. You have grille show more

Something unique

The place also has the facility of live music to add the nuance of simplicity and tasteful elegance.

Tips from insiders

  • Couple the food with some fun at the beach as it is an ideal shack.
  • Approx. Rs 1200 for two.