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Caravaning - 2 Berth

Self-Drive Home On Wheels Now For Rent

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With the touring experience of more than 23 years, the husband-wife duo brings to you a packed adventure on the wheels. They have discovered what works and what doesn't. Hire your favourite Caravan/ Motorhome/RV/Luxury Bus and head down the road to enjoy your vacation days! With self-drive adventure, make your way to the remote parts of India more accessible, fun, safe and secure! You'll be provided with all the pertinent information which you're looking for, in regard to the motorhome rentals b show more

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Home On Wheels (Self-Drive Available)!

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Toiletries. Blankets. Linen. Pillow. Cutleries Utensils. LPG. Gas. Fuel.
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Stationary Genset AC Charge - Rs. 300 to 700 Per Hour. Tolls & Parking Fees. Rs. 58/Km - Beyond 250 Km. Driver + Helper Charge - Rs. 2500 Per Day.
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And seating space are the things this motorhome is equipped with.

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • Enjoy your vacation, go across states and complete your childhood fantasy of long excursions.
  • Enjoy the comfort of your home in a vehicle.
  • You have plenty of amenities to keep your stay comfortable and convenient.

With whom?

  • It's a motorhome rental service.
  • You can have a personal caravan rental.

Where does it start?

  • You can get the rental dropped at your place.
  • The charges are fixed, on kilometre basis.
  • You can have the rental for as long as you desire.

You get

  • You get a modified Tata Winger for 2 people.
  • The rental is assumed on a price for 250 Km for each day.

Things to remember

  • You'll just get the caravan.
  • Any expense beyond the caravan, say fuel or parking charges or tolls are to borne by you.
  • For every other additional kilometre, Rs. 58 is charged.

Something unique

Revel in the embedded comfort of your home with full-on mobility.

Tips from insiders

  • You can even get custom-made builds as per your specifications by them.