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Food And Culture Tour

Best Food And Culture Tour In Gunehar Village

Gunehar village, Bir
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Village of Billing lies in midst of mountains and is located at the higher altitudes of Dhauladhar mountain ranges up from the Bir village. Billing has always been very popular for adventure tourism. It offers a panoramic view to tourists that comes from the collective scenic beauty of the meadows, Kangra Valley, and ranges in Dhauladhaar altogether Nestled in the upper Kangra Valley, Gunehar is a small Himalayan village that's making its presence felt on the map of Himachal. You will find littl show more

A photo walkthrough

A Cultural Getaway

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Chachu's Dhaba
The first stop of your tour will be Chacha's Dhaba. Have delectable desi food here and fill up your bellies to get ready for the rest of your tour.
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Gunehar Village
You will visit a bamboo handicraft stall, a local handloom weaving factory, and a humble dwelling to taste the traditional Kangri dhaam.
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The End
After collecting souvenirs from the village, they will drop you back to your accommodation in Bir via cab.

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • Their cabs will be picking you up from your respective stays, after which your host will meet you at the toll gate to billing road.
  • After meeting at the toll, you head off for Billing and stop at Chachu’s Dhaba.
  • After your cab drops us in the village, you take an off-road trail to a nearby waterfall and take some rest alongside a river.
  • After resting and clicking pictures, you will head towards the village center.
  • Now, you can explore the village wherein you will check out the local handicrafts, see the daily chores performed by the villagers, and also collect souvenirs in a memory bag provided to you.
  • After this, your cabs will pick you up at the Guneher chowk and drop you at your destination/your preferred location in Bir.

With whom?

  • You will be accompanied by between 1 and 9 people.

Where does it start?

  • The activity is based in Gunehar village in Himachal Pradesh.
  • It will take you around 5 hours in total to explore the complete village.

You get

  • Mask, sanitizer, gloves are provided to you.
  • Breakfast & Lunch is included in the cost.
  • Local guides will accompany you at all times.
  • They will pick you up from your accommodation in Bir and drop you back there.

Things to remember

  • Pick up and drop is not available if you're located outside Bir.
  • Tips and gratuities are not included in the cost.

Something unique

Indulge in the local activities and daily chores of Himachali people.

Tips from insiders

  • Try out aloo paratha at Chachu's Dhaba.
  • Do purchase the authentic handicrafts prepared by the locals.