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Houses Of Goa - Chandor

Pay Visit To Two Historical Mansions

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In the oldest known capital of Goa, Chandrapur - this tour will make you relive the golden Goan days of armies, fortifications, battles and trade. It's famous for the legend that runs across the people that the queen had once curse the villagers because of the betrayal of the warriors of the kingdom. We would visit Menezes Braganza's house, which is a 500 year old grand mansion and the host will elaborate further on interesting stories. We will proceed at Fernandes's house which is believed to b show more

A photo walkthrough

A Virtual Go-Through

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Chandor Church
Your guide will briefly give you good and deep insights into the history of Chandor.
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Menezes Braganza House
Get inside of the walls of this Majestic 500 years old house as we get to know more stories.
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Fernandes House
The Portuguese influence is noticeable in the portion of the house constructed in 1821 by the Fernandes family. What distinguishes this house from others is its occupants to escape in case of an attack.

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • Relive the golden Goan days of armies, fortifications, battles, and trade.
  • We start off with the church where there will be a brief introduction about the history.
  • We move on to Menezes Braganza's house.
  • Explore every corner of this 500-yr old mansion.
  • Our next stop is Fernandes's house.
  • The original house, which exhibits a Hindu Influence, was built some 500 years ago.

With whom?

  • It's a shared tour.

Where does it start?

  • You have to reach Chandor Church.
  • It is around 2-hrs long.

You get

  • A tour with an experienced guide.
  • Some snacks and drinks on the way.
  • Entry fees are included.
  • Some traveling goodies!

Things to remember

  • Hotel transfers are not provided.
  • Get your own water bottle.

Something unique

Run through the enriching past of Goa with a visit to the glorious mansions in the village representing fine Hindu and Portuguese architecture.

Tips from insiders

  • Maintain decorum whilst on the tour.
  • Keep you backpack light and filled with only your essentials.
  • Carry your own bottled water.