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Jalori Pass

Serene Mountain Pass With A Good Height

Jibhi Shojha, Jibhi
Outdoor Activities > Trails
Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass sitting at an elevation of 10.2k Ft, above sea level, situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The ambience of the Himalayas with snow help one unwind from all the toxicities of city life. The lush flora and fauna will definitely relax the senses of every trekker that comes up here. You can also cover Shoja, Sereolsar Lake, Sakiran, Lambri, Bashleo while you're on your way to the mountain pass.

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • Trekking and camping are the two activities that you can enjoy at Jalori Pass.
  • Catch a view of the sunset or indulge in some photography.
  • Walking in the snow, fishing, rock climbing, bird-watching can be don as well.

Something unique

It's the nearest mountain pass from Delhi, approximately 600 Km away and is a snowy paradise!

Tips from insiders

  • Prefer pitching your tent near Sirolsar lake instead of Jalori Top itself.
  • It's highly unlikely to have some network connectivity if you're at Jalori.
  • Make sure to pack all the essential trekking equipment with you (Moderate Level).
  • There's no ATM/ Petrol Pump/ Bank for miles.
  • Be prepared for a rain or snow shower.