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Jantar Mantar

An Ancient Astronomical Observatory In India

Malve Nagar, Jaipur
Museums > Observatories/ Planetariums
The monument was completed in 1734 by Maharaja Jai Singh II and features the world’s largest stone sundial and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It includes a set of some twenty main fixed instruments and is an expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of the court of a scholarly prince at the end of the Mughal period. The observatory forms part of a tradition of Ptolemaic positional astronomy which was shared by many civilizations. To ensure accuracy the structures wer show more

Something unique

Out of the only 5 observatories, this one is the largest and best preserved till date.

Tips from insiders

  • Don't forget to carry a bottle of water with yourself to keep yourself hydrated.
  • You must visit the orientation building here which has a short film giving a description of the place.
  • You may be charged extra for shooting a video.
  • You can even go through a virtual tour of the place at the convenience of your own bed! -