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Premium Caravan Overlanding (India's First)

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India is a country devoid of Overlanding. A concept wherein travel, your journey is the focus and not the destination. Working on the concept comes to you Green Dot Expeditions, providing a mesmerizing, complete, exciting and luxurious caravanning experience in India. 'Taurus' is you affable partner on wheels that'll take you to the untapped places and hidden gems of the nation. She has logged as many as 1,25,000 Km and yet has plenty of vigour contained to take her next guest onto for something show more

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Your Own World Of Exploration

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It’s actually an RV (recreational vehicle), mobile camping capable of setting up your own private paradise in the wilderness away from touristy crowds. It is truly for those passionate souls who love outdoors.
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Capt. Suresh Sharma
With the outdoor experience of 35 years, 6 years of active service with the Indian Army, 18 months of the battlefield, odometer 165,000 km over 19 years of passionate caravaning - an unparalleled feat for any Indian in India.
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Outdoor Dining
Don't let the mobility fool you for some average food. The chef is there to provide you with something exquisite!
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Unique Experiences
Your host will plan a specialised itinerary for you, that goes best with your whims and fancies!
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Mini Adventures
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Scenic Beauty
For the true travel and photography enthusiasts, this is everything!

Quick gist

What is the activity?

  • You're in a mobile house (Recreational Vehicle - RV)!
  • Taurus is going to cover miles and miles for those wide smiles.
  • Ensured regal levels of comfort and convenience.
  • Flexibility and freedom go hand in hand.
  • Experience the best outdoor rustic vacation and best van life in India, is like an eternity which stretches well beyond the journey.
  • Away from maddening noise of tourists, its to experience trance with the Divine.
  • The day unfolds and the miles roll by while experiencing rural India.
  • Traverse through the hidden gems of the state.
  • See something beyond the touristy eye.
  • State-of-art Kitchen means state-of-art food.

With whom?

  • It is a private activity with your group only.
  • Your host will accompany you for the entirety of your fascinating journey.

Where does it start?

  • You may choose from Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan - an offbeat tour to explore offbeat India!
  • Your caravan will be stationed in a picturesque location each night.
  • No fixed itinerary.

You get

  • Accommodation is taken care of.
  • Capt. Suresh Sharma will hand over the personal itinerary to you - designed and tailored as per your suggestions.
  • Meals will be provided.
  • Activities/ recreational experiences will be covered as well.
  • You will get to visit not one but many places in the same circuit.

Things to remember

  • It depends on the personalised package that you opt for.
  • It can go as bare-bones as you want it to be extremely budget-friendly.

Something unique

Your host - Capt. Suresh Sharma is an action hardened veteran of the Indian Army. Get ready to be bombarded with one of a kind lifestyle experience with a person who's a wildlife photographer and explorer too.

Tips from insiders

  • The part of your proceeds go to Nature Conservation Mission - so you're officially the Green Ambassadors!
  • You can plan your own itinerary.
  • You even have the option of bringing in your own vehicle.
  • Pets are allowed too! (Although you bear the sole responsibility and accountability)