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Museum Of Goa

India’s Largest Private Contemporary Art Spaces

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The museum was founded by Goan artist, Subodh Kerkar, in 2015 solely for bringing forward the Goan history, culture, tradition and art. As well as to stage ahead some of the local talented artisans. The Museum is housed in a three-story, 16,000 square foot, building designed by Goan architect, Dean D’cruz. MOG translates to ‘love’ in Konkani and mainly provides us with the theme that spurs in the gallery. The 3-story building scattered over 1500 square meters hosts events, exhibitions displaying show more

Something unique

The gallery has exhibited more than 3000 pieces of art and culture varying across 225 artist. In short, a feast for your eyes!

Tips from insiders

  • You have a 15-minute documentary explaining the creation of the museum.
  • There is an in-house cafe.
  • A rainbow colored garden adjoining the gallery is a must visit.
  • Please do not carry any eatables inside the gallery.