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Pushkar Lake

One Of The Holiest Lake Of India

Gau Ghat, Pushkar
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Located in the small town of Pushkar in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, Pushkar Lake is one of the most prominent spots of pilgrimage as well as the site of the world-famous Pushkar Fair. Encircled by numerous temples and ghats (bathing spots), the lake draws thousands upon thousands of devotees every year to its threshold, to gain spiritual distinction and attain salvation by taking a dip in its holy waters.

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The lake at Pushkar has an incredible historical and religious significance.

Tips from insiders

  • Pushkar Lake is primarily associated with Lord Brahma, who is considered as the creator out of the Trinity of Gods-Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.
  • Pushkar Lake is one of the holiest sites for Hindus and the place is accessed mostly for religious purposes only.
  • The Pushkar fair is one of the central attractions at the lake and during this time there is a huge inflow of pilgrims and tourists from all four directions.