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Souza Lobo

Beachfront Shack Known For Traditional Goan Food

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Very famous amongst the local natives for providing homely food experience, Souza Lobo is a very warm and friendly designed beach shack at Calangute. The recipes have been carried over generations and generations ensuring that the indigeneity and authenticity isn’t loss with the modernity of the world. Prawn Curry Rice, Masala Fried Fish, Lobster Thermidor, Stuffed Avocado, Baked Crab, Bebinca and Dodol are some of the dishes for that wondrous day. Well, rest of the things kept aside, your cravi show more

Something unique

The evolved shack has been in the business since 1932 providing you the finest of Goan cuisine. You also get live music sessions with a dancing floor!

Tips from insiders

  • Approx. 1300 for two.
  • We recommend booking in advance.
  • You should also relax at the beach as well!
  • It's a very suitable place for a family gathering.