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Aravali Vista Main Villa

A Master Of Elegance Nestled In Aravali Hills

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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
The Villa is truly one of its kind with its picturesque landscape which is calm and serene but still closely connected to its world. The stay is surrounded by the mystically beautiful Aravali Hills giving an exotic perception to the views around you. The villa also offers complimentary breakfast for all its guests to make their mornings joyous and in sync with the undeniably beautiful nature around them. The stay is worth every penny you spent as it gives a lifetime of memories from each second show more

A photo walkthrough

A 5-BHK Lavish Home

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A Dazzling Villa
The villa is humongous with enough high-end furniture and decor creations to make it look stunningly beautiful and rich. The feel the villa provides will be a completely new experience for you.
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Architectural Marvel
These suites are well-furnished with delicate attention given to the interior decor and furnishing. Special care was given to matters of design and maintenance giving the rooms a plush and timeless appearance.
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Exquisite Space
The interiors are ravishing and comfortable. The seating area is luxurious and spacious. You will feel felicitous all the time!
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Swimming Pool
The pool is constructed in the famed Fontana Della Barcacia model so that you can skip going to Spain to get drunk in this beautiful pool.
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Outdoor Bar
The bar is accessible to all guests who bring alcohol with them and will be ready to serve you some of the greatest drunk nights of your life.
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Marriage and Party Place
The lawn is splendidly maintained and spacious enough to accommodate a large crowd in a floating or a theatre setting. The weather here is calm in the evenings making it the perfect time to commence the event.
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Play Time!
The pool table is big enough to play 8 or 9 ball games as per your wish. It's always a joy for them to see you having a gala time around the pool table.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Brimmed with numerous comforting options, this property takes care of all the basic necessities.
  • These rooms are adorned with amenities like AC, LCD TV, living area, an airy balcony, and much more.
  • The highlights of your stay are a minibar maintained in a corner of the living area, and a party hall for social gatherings.
  • Feel free to reach out to the amiable caretaker for any woes during your stay.

Where is this?

  • Right next to their Villa is an 18 hole golf course, polo ground, and a horse riding ground forming a blanket of greenery around the resort.
  • Offering the most gorgeous views and cosy aura, Aravali hill is a must-see destination to embrace solitude.
  • Damdama Lake is also the best natural beauty located nearby the villa.

With whom?

    Something unique

    The resort offers you a completely pollution-free environment in the lap of Aravali Hills. Aravali Vista is easily accessible from a major landmark in Gurgaon.

    Tips from insiders

    • Aravali Vista offers you a big playground fit to play golf, rugby, volleyball, football, and anything you can possibly play with open ground.
    • Enjoy cycling around the surroundings to keep up with fitness amidst nature.
    • The setup and atmosphere are perfect for spending a day watching exotic birds or going for a horse ride.