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Bella Antlia

Enjoy Relaxed Comforts At A Contemporary Villa

Anjuna Beach, Goa
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Goa is the center of existing cultures, food and people. Its bustling energy, large heritage, festivities and seaside and shack way of existence makes it a town like no other. Goa boasts of a relaxed manner of life and its old-world enchantment makes it considered one in every of the most popular traveler hubs of the country. Bella Antlia offers a comfortable stay in the spirit of Goa itself.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Soak up the sun and enjoy the paddy view.
  • Relax as you take a dip in the pool.
  • Walk along the scenic beaches of Goa.

Where is this?

  • A luxurious getaway.
  • This villa is a part of a complex of 10 villas, each with its own private pool and a lawn, ideal for a large group.

With whom?

  • Your and your group will have the entire villa for themselves.

You get

  • Your accommodation is there.

Things to remember

  • Meals aren't included.

Something unique

The Villa is surrounded by Paddy Fields which give a beautiful view and vibe to wake up to.

Tips from insiders

  • Immerse yourself in fishing trips.
  • Experience the houseboat tour.
  • Enjoy Sunset Cruise at Bogmalo Beach.
  • Relish the jungle tour.
  • Embrace the lifetime experience of Kayaking in the backwaters.