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Best Western Resort Country Club

A Leisure Resort In The Heart Of A Bustling City

Pachgaon, Gurgaon
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Located away from the overcrowded city of Delhi and very close to the international airport is this amazing property of Best Western Resort Country Club in Gurugram. Surrounded by green fields all over, this is the best peaceful getaway for any kind of traveler. This in short is best suited for any kind of purpose from Leisure Stays, Weddings, Conferences, Celebrations and much more.

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A Leisure GetAway

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Lavish Rooms
Best Western Resort Country Club, Gurgaon boasts having 120 well-appointed rooms and an exclusive Royale Garden with 150,000 sq. ft. All of these rooms are fully equipped with all the basic and modern amenities such as AC, Wifi, Television, Coffee/Tea Maker, Work Desk, and more.
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Sit Or Swim!
This property comes with a beautiful outdoor pool set up. Take a nice dip into the pool and forget all your worries for a while.
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Work It Out
This property is known to offer amenities such as a business/ conference hall for you to make full use of it. These halls are fully equipped with all the modern-day facilities required for a business day setup.
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Admire The Beautiful Lake
This property is perfect if you feel like you need to get closer to nature, away from the metro cities. It has a beautiful fishing pond which could be considered to just simply unwind and relax around nature.
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The BBC Cricket Ground
If you are a cricket lover, this is the perfect place for you as this property boasts having an ICC standard Cricket Ground on site.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • This property is a peaceful stay away from the hustle-bustle of Delhi. This property is known for its high-class facilities, large open spaces & highly personalized service to its guests.

Where is this?

  • This property is basically situated near Manesar on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway and is surrounded by lush green mustard fields all around which s what makes it peaceful and so close to nature, even in a city like Delhi.

You get

    Something unique

    A peaceful getaway away from the polluting and overcrowded city of Delhi.

    Tips from insiders

    • This property has a mini amusement park.
    • The resort has been the “Best Western Hotel in India for Excellence in International Quality & Service Standards”