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Birdsong Home

Refreshing Weekend Getaway In The Hills

Pehlagaon, Mirik
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Situated on the foothills of Mirik, in Darjeeling ‘Birdsong Home’ is a Homestay that will beckon you with its calmness and solitude, solitude with whom you will fall in love with. The apartment stays nestled in orange orchards, tea gardens and jungle in Mirik, Darjeeling will surely accomplish your a reverie of feeling like home in the lapse of nature once in a lifetime.

A photo walkthrough

A Tranquil Escape

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Birdsong Home
The apartments come equipped with a kitchen and private balcony, while suites have a simple cabin set up with a lovely mountain view and a large terrace.
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Studio Apartment
One has to walk down 4 flights of stairs to reach the house, so it is best suited for reasonably fit people. It is ideal for those who want luxury while in the lap of nature.
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Terrace Apartment
Enjoy a 180-degree view of the mountain range from your very own private home.
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Deck Apartment
Enjoy a view of the mountain range from your very own private home.
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Garden, Mountain & Cozy Suite
One has to walk down 4 flights of stairs to reach the suites, so it is best suited for reasonably fit people.
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Things To Do
The astonishing tea gardens of Mirik are also something to witness. If you wish to look at the tea gardens from above, the Tingling View Point is your best source. Through this point, you can not only get a panoramic vision of the tea gardens but also view the lake.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay wrapped in the comfort of nature.
  • It is oriented in such a way that wherever you are in the property, you are never away from hill view and lush greenery.
  • Have your meals in style in the fresh breezy air surrounded by nature and with a stunning mountain view.
  • While living in the apartments at Birdsong Home you will feel blessed by nature as the only thing you see around you is the calmness of nature away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Where is this?

  • Birdsong Home being a hillside property with a lovely panoramic view of the Darjeeling hills.
  • Hike through the tea gardens around the house to a tea factory, and learn about the process of making tea!
  • Boating and horse riding by Mirik lake, visit the Buddhist monastery or have a picnic with a Kanchenjunga view.

With whom?

  • You have fully independent and private spaces at the homestay.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • Cook in your own private kitchen

Things to remember

  • You can even order home-cooked meals in advance.
  • Private parking is available nearby at the Royal homestay at Rs. 200 / night.
  • Laundry, catering, activities etc come on a chargeable basis.

Something unique

A panoramic hill view embellished with fog, a mild breeze kissing your face, vast stretches of lush greenery and melodious chirping of birds are few out of many things you will experience at Birdsong home.

Tips from insiders

  • If you're coming here by private transportation, remember that the last stretch of 2 Km is quite narrow and patchy.
  • Indulge in farming activities as they have various fruit trees like kiwi, orange trees on their farm.
  • They also organize set retreat yoga classes.