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Blue Mountains Estate Stay

A Wood Estate Hugged By Mountains

Napoklu, Coorg
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If you are dreaming of the ideal weekend getaway with picturesque landscapes, here's a perfect place for you! Coorg, now Kodagu is known to be The Scotland of India and The land of Generals. The Blue Mountains Estate Stay lies in the lap of Talacau very which is a feast to the senses. The artistic decor and lively architecture are visually intriguing and offer a homely vibe. It is the perfect place to relax from the hustle & bustle of the city on your much-deserved holiday break.

A photo walkthrough

A Serene Escape

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Blue Mountain Homestay
The stay stands out for its lively wooden decor and the soothing aura it offers. It is well-equipped with all the contemporary amenities that will make your stay memorable.
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Cherry Relaxing Hubs!
The Blue Mountains Estate Stay Napoklu offers neat and petite accommodations. The mesmerizing view the rooms offer will definitely leave you totally spellbound.
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Chill Time!
Enjoy the "ME TIME" swinging here and forget all your worries. You can just sit and enjoy the relaxing holiday with a book and a coffee.
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Happy Space
Enjoy a sip of coffee with a book and panoramic views from this area of the homestay. The cheery colors of the living room will offer you relaxation and joy.
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Raja Seat
The place is called Raja’s Seat because it was the place where Coorg’s kings used to visit. The sunset and sunrise make for a mesmerizing view that is worth captivating in your cameras.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • They feature mouthwatering offers in-store from the kitchen to take care of your taste buds.
  • At the bed and breakfast, each room is fitted with a patio with a mountain view.
  • The Blue Mountains Estate Stay offers a children's playground.
  • Hiking is among the activities that you can enjoy near this stay.

Where is this?

  • Raja seat literally means “Seat of the Kings” which is a beautiful place presenting a refreshing setting and soothing environment.
  • Abbi Falls is a sight to behold in Coorg. It is encompassed by lush greenery and offers a spectacular view and is located a 30-minutes drive from the stay.

Something unique

This estate stay is in the midst of coffee plantations and the bluish misty mountain range forms a fringe around the cottage and stands as a silent sentinel, with the stately silver oaks adding to its striking beauty.

Tips from insiders

  • You can go on a local tour to explore the traditions and cultures of villagers.
  • Go hiking to nearby destinations to experience the thrill with your squad.
  • To spend quiet time, you can read tons of books in their library.