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Brys Caves

An Adventurous Getaway Nestled In Jungle

Village Mohan, Corbett
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LuxuryExtreme luxury for people who want extra
It is beautifully designed on the theme of caves and is the most preferable resort for a romantic getaway. It gives you the feeling of being interactive with nature. The resort is over the mountain. The initiation of your adventurous holiday starts when you get on Safari to reach the Resort. It is planned with an elegant view of the mountain with its picturesque panorama. Their highly exclusive luxury property has 40 classically designed caves.

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Check Into Another World

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The Jewel By The Jungle
It combines raw nature in the form of caves and modern aesthetics to offer a distinctive holiday that is both wild and luxurious at the same time.
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Snuggle In Comfort
The rooms are gracefully designed to serve as a sanctuary for your much-deserved break. They offer the best of both worlds- luxury and comfort.
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Social Events
A destination with elaborate themes, incorporating the different elements of nature that blend in a way to give you an exotic experience of a luxurious wedding right in the heart of wilderness with minimum carbon footprints.
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Skandha- The Spa
The massage begins with the foot ritual, an ancient tradition symbolizing purifying of the soul to open the positive energy channel. They feature a special massage that combines aromatherapy, accented with exclusive synergy oil blends of romance, and rendering a truly invigorating experience.
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Energize yourself at the well-equipped gymnasium. Energies feature a wide range of international state-of-the-art fitness machines.
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Azure- Swimming Pool
Take a dip in the cool blue water at Azure and reconnect with your inner self. Relax with your loved ones enjoying the drinks served by the pool.
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Conferences And Events
The true tradition of a fine business hotel is reflected in the excellent meeting facilities offered at the resort.
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Wildlife Safari
You would get to experience the sight of wild cats prancing freely and absorbing the warmth of the forest. A variety of birds including Owlets, the ubiquitous langur (monkey), Leopard, Elephant, and various species of Deer are the other attractions.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Encapsulating the typical jungle experience, Brys Caves, The Jungle Resort, promises to emerge as a serene getaway from the hectic city life.
  • Spread over 4.25 acres of land, the Resort is located on the Mohan Hill Top in Jim Corbett.
  • They offer you a tranquil escape from the hot summer days of metro life, to the cool shelter of our luxurious caves.

Where is this?

  • Joy trail- train on the track, wildlife safari, picnic at Jim’s village are some fun activities for you and your family.
  • Tour to crocodile river where you can find crocodiles, gharial among other reptiles.
  • You can drive to Shivalik Mountain along with your squad and photograph good moments.

Something unique

The resort reflects its name, These are man-made Caves with all modern facilities and still very close to nature and wilderness.

Tips from insiders

  • You can go on a jungle safari along with an experienced forest guide who will help you discover the forest and help track other wildlife species.
  • The resort is the perfect playground for water sport enthusiasts.