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A Cute 2-BHK Villa In Greens

Dodsworth Enclave, Bangalore
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
If you're looking for a space that is comfortable enough to be homelike, yet fancy enough to be worthy of a getaway, Firefly is perfect for you. The tidy interiors have cute decor touches that charm you, while outside, the pool and lawn beckon for a splash and a stroll. ts convenient location makes it a popular choice for groups of friends or families to sneak in some quality time together. They spend their days here playing, swimming and relishing hearty barbecues!

A photo walkthrough

A Bushy Abode Of Love

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The property enjoys much appreciation due to its convenient location.
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Beautiful Outdoors
You even have some dogs and cats on the property. Fear not, they have their enclosures.
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Swimming Pool
Or you can always sit by the pool and enjoy some of that tropical heat.
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Furnished Rooms
In fact, you have two living spaces! One in the indoors and one in the outdoors.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay in the Firefly.
  • The 2-BHK villa opens up to cute and adorable spaces for you to relax in.
  • Your lazy weekends will transform totally when you'll get up from your bed and right on-to your terrace with seating.
  • Within the property, guests can enjoy a swim or read.
  • Guests can also take a peaceful walk in nature and embrace its beauty.

Where is this?

  • The convenient location of the villa makes it quite popular amongst the vacationers.
  • The forest-like appeal of this place is a touch of serenity in a bustling city like Bangalore.
  • You can even plan a visit to the Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum (7.1 Km).
  • Nallurahali Lake (1.7 Km), Hoodi Lake (4.2 Km), Kundalahali Lake (6.6 Km) are all very close to you if nature is your sort!

With whom?

  • The entire villa will belong to you once the booking is done.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • Access to all the facilities is provided.

Things to remember

  • The caretaker would love to prepare meals for you but at an additional charge.
  • You can get a bonfire and bbq arranged for your evenings, but they come at an extra cost.

Something unique

The very home-like charm of this place makes you almost unsure whether you really are on a vacation holiday or simply back at your place!

Tips from insiders

  • You can also eat out in nearby restaurants like Bangalore Mandarin, Whitefield Dum Biryani and Popp - Inn Odiya Restaurant.