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Gaja Villa

A Breath-Taking Stay Amidst A Lush Green Forest

Nalkeri Forest, Coorg
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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BasicEconomical options for the backpacker
Gaja Villa is a beautiful property located in a very serene & secluded location in the town. This property provides some of the best views of the lush green hills & the mountains around. This property offers basic amenities such as Wifi, Lawns, Care-taker service, an in-house kitchen for meals, and free parking. Guests who love to spend time around nature, and away from the hustle-bustle of cities would have a great time here.

A photo walkthrough

A Picturesque Getaway

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Scenic Stays
Stay at this beautiful villa just in the middle of a dense jungle & immense nature. This is a perfect place for anyone who seeks a peaceful & nature-friendly atmosphere.
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Cozy Stays
All the bedrooms in the villa are very comfortable, cosy, and well-equipped with all the basic amenities that a guest would need during the stay.
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Natural Beauty
Coorg is known for its lush green & natural beauties. Guests here can explore plenty of lush green valleys, natural lakes, waterfalls, natural emerald pools & more just around the property. So, come on & be the one to discover something offbeat!
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Seating Area!
This property offers a very beautiful gazebo area at the property's lush green garden. You can sit here, take in the views & maybe enjoy a cup of evening tea or coffee here.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • This is a beautiful villa that has been designed to provide a unique stay to its guests. Since this is very close to Nalkeri Forest, guests here can enjoy some beautiful views of the lush greenery & mountains around.

Where is this?

  • This place is located in Badaga, very near to Nalkeri Forest in Coorg, Karnataka. This property is eye-catching because of its picturesque location, and its proximity to nearby tourist attractions such as Omkareshwara Temple, Madikeri Fort, and more. Since Coorg is also known for its coffee plantations, one can explore the lush green fields, go for a hike, or even explore some of the hidden waterfalls from this place.

Something unique

The property's specialty lies in its serene & secluded surroundings, amidst nature. Guests can also explore a lot of nearby attractions to the property. So, come & discover this secluded gem.

Tips from insiders

  • This is a perfect property for those who love to be around nature.
  • Guests here can stroll around nature & explore some hidden lakes & valleys near the property.
  • It is possible to spot wildlife nearby as it's close to a forest.