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Galaxy Jungle Huts

Epiphany Of Lissome Beauty

Agonda, Goa
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Welcome to Galaxy Jungle Huts! Live in some idyllic and fantastic huts located away from the clattering sounds of urban cities and let yourself divulge into the placidity of this area. This place is a truly mesmerising accommodation in Agonda which is furnished by all the modern and plushy amenities. These huts are located in a very serene setting and they are encompassed by jungles from all sides. The property is basically an open area with individual huts sprawling in the natural environment o show more

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The Cocoon

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Wild Expedition
These huts are constructed from local and natural construction materials. Stay in these luxuriously built huts in tranquillity and be away from tedious noises of the city.
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Be Natural
The property uses only home-grown vegetables and fruits, so be assured of a nutritious meal on your vacation. Detoxify the toxins of your body with fresh and enriched food in the restaurant.
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Your Host For Yoga!
The property has a provision for yoga classes in its vicinity, so do Pranayama in fresh air to feel the results instantly!

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The lodgings are built with natural and locally sourced materials making them eco-friendly.
  • All the huts are furnished with exuberant amenities.
  • These hand-built eco-huts have an adjoining bathroom and open-air showers.
  • The hosts know the importance of nature, so they delight their customers with meals cooked by home-grown vegetables.

Where is this?

  • An escape from modern life nestled into a hill in Goa.
  • An eco-village built from natural materials in Agonda.
  • This property lies 42 km away from Goa International Airport.
  • The renowned Agonda beach is roughly 2 km away from the vicinity.

With whom?

  • Yes, the hut you own will be completely yours.

You get

  • A luxurious yet blissful stay.
  • All the modern amenities are provided in these huts.
  • An outdoor fireplace to add fir to your evenings.
  • Live music performance to replenish your soul.
  • All sorts of hygiene measures are taken care of.
  • Physical distancing in dining areas is assured.

Things to remember

  • Pets are to be avoided in the premises of the lodging.
  • We can arrange extra activities like fishing and horse-riding but at extra costs.
  • Airport transfers are chargeable.

Something unique

Nestled in lush greenery are these 8 eco-friendly peaceful huts, which have always been a source of tranquillity for its customers.

Tips from insiders

  • Perfect placement to enjoy nature walks and explore the saltiness of the seashore.
  • Be surrounded by nature and let nature embrace you.
  • Incredibly peaceful huts away from the hubbubs of cities.