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Goa Hideaway

A Lavish 140 Year Old Villa, Situated In The Village Of Moira

Moira, Goa
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
This villa will give you insight into how architecture has evolved over time. Despite being a 140-year old villa, it continues to be a great go-to location because of the idyllic location, in the heart of Moira village. With mango, palm and cashew trees in plain sight, this villa comes as a complete package.

A photo walkthrough

In The Lap Of Mother Earth

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Goa Hideaway
This 140 year old villa takes inspiration from the Portuguese architecture, thus giving it a vintage and royal touch.
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Crystal Clear Pool
What better way to end a hectic day, than taking a dip in this alluring and refreshing little pool.
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Appealing Interior
When beauty is clubbed with comfort, Goa Hideaway's rooms are prepared. Experience newly found comfort in here.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Explore beautiful chapels lined on the outskirts of Moira.
  • The beaches of Morjim, Baga, Calangute just a stone's throw away.
  • Pay a visit to the Cube Gallery.
  • A scenic drive to St. Jerome Church.

Where is this?

  • Built in a centralized location, the villa is at the heart of Moira village.
  • With it's Portuguese style architecture, prepare to be amazed and simmer into 140 year of history.
  • A beautiful spot to rejuvenate yourself, away from city's fast paced life.

With whom?

  • You will be your own boss, with the entire property just for you or your group.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided.
  • Parking facility available for a vehicle.
  • WiFi and power backup is provided.

Things to remember

  • There is no accommodation for personal staff.
  • Lunch and dinner have an extra charge.
  • Access to the kitchen comes with a fee.
  • This stay is not suitable for your furry friend.

Something unique

With a history like no other, this scenic villa gives a glimpse of the Portuguese Architecture.

Tips from insiders

  • A perfect home like touch to this place.
  • A picturesque location for photo-shoots and nature viewing.
  • Bask in the sunshine and explore the beautiful farms.