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Haveli Hauz Khas

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Hauz Khas, Delhi
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Haveli Hauz Khas is a traditional mansion located in propinquity to the scenic Hauz Khas village. The place is impeccable and pleasant for leisure travellers. With rooms portraying the glory of places like Ajanta and Hampi, this heritage mansion is the perfect getaway for people looking for a unique travel experience with all their comforts served properly. This cloister welcomes all travel enthusiasts with delight.

A photo walkthrough

Stupendous Manor

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Gratifying Lattice
This mansion personifies heritage and blends it with modernity. Enswathed amidst iconic attractions of the area, this place is the perfect destination for people who seek to travel aesthetically.
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Sheeny Orangish
Visit Hampi and various Indian heritage sites from your bedroom. With rooms themed on Indian history, this place is comforting and a deluxe locus to relish your vacation away from blathers of city life.
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Scintillating Squab
Tumults of a busy life do not permit one to relax with full leisure. But at this heritage mansion, the word impossible can not be heard for this statement. Just sit in the lavishly comfortable hall and just let the stress-free environment encompass you.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • This heritage mansion is a fascinating place for spending vacations.
  • The construction of the hotel depicts Indian cultures and traditions.
  • Airy and colourful rooms add up to the beauty of this mansion making it an enchanting place to stay.

Where is this?

  • Located in juxtaposition to Hauz Khas village, this hotel is centrally located and yet still is away from hubbubs of the city.
  • Enswathed by pleasant surroundings, this property is away from the commodious city life.
  • Nearby to Qutub Minar and many more regional monuments.
  • Close to the citadel of Medieval history of India.

With whom?

  • Yes, it will be a private stay. You will own a private room which will not be shared by anyone else.

You get

  • The hotel is equipped with all modern comforts and amenities. Tea and coffee makers are also operational.
  • Breakfast is complimentary.
  • WiFi is available for all visitors.
  • Guests can be assured about the security of their vehicle as parking facilities are available.
  • Foreign guests are happily welcome as authenticated currency exchange is facilitated.

Things to remember

  • Laundry services are not included.

Something unique

Located in an area of worth more than 5 centuries of history, this boutique hotel is the perfect medley of heritage with modernity.

Tips from insiders

  • Terrifically centrally located from all iconic attractions of the area.