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Hidden Village

Unearth Happiness In Undiscovered Land

Atgaon Village, Wada
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
The resort is recreated here by infusing forest plants alongside native existing trees, lakes, and rivers. Trees came first, therefore they are not chopped to make a place for houses, rather houses are designed in available vacant and open spaces. The ambiance here is rustic and rural i.e. sounds, textures, visuals, terrain and smells.

A photo walkthrough

Hidden Treasureland

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Waterfall Fun
The property houses an artificial waterfall with fishesh who loves to clean your skin and provide you the freshness of body and mind.
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Riverside Walk
There is a river and a lake alongside the resort which provides a very calming and serene atmosphere, come here in the evening for bird watching.
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Player's Battleground
The property houses an indoor playroom amidst the lush green herbs and big trees, you get peace of mind and soul.
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Forrest Gump
All of their rooms are surrounded by big trees, covered with greenery. Experience the forest life without wild animals but with more fun.
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Rejuvenating Spa
With their in-house spa, you get to detox your skin, make it younger and healthy. Surrounding is rich in oxygen detox your lungs too.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Experience the romantic and soothing greenery. Each room has a private sitting space out that is not visible from other rooms or passersby. All the staffs are local villagers only and their hard work from inception has made their and Hidden village grow to this such a loved place, they are also sensitized on the topic.

Where is this?

  • A perennial blessing of nature is Sustaining the Hidden Village Resort, the surroundings being in upper terrain pour down water during Monsoon which makes their artificial waterfall more bewitching, especially for children. Also, the aroma of trees and soil during this time is amazing.
  • With Uneven land, water keeps rushing to find its way, and hence five small bridges are made to crossover this dreamland.

Something unique

An Artificial Village on the riverside, so hidden that even google can't find Forest life experience without wild animals

Tips from insiders

  • A family-friendly resort, children specially love the vibe and pool