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Hill Partridge Cottages

A Homely 3-Star Hotel In A Valley

Prini, Manali
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Hill Partridge Cottage, Manali is smartly and traditionally built on the lap of Hamta Valley which lies at an altitude of 4,270 Mtrs. on the Pir Panjal Range of Great Himalayas. It is a small corridor between Lahaul and Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. This valley is frequently used by shepherds of lower Himalayan Region seeking for high altitude grassland in the Dry Cold Desert during the summer season. Hill Partridge Cottage offers breathtaking vistas of snow-covered mountains, surroun show more

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Hush In The Mountains

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Hill Partridge Cottages
With the help of Mrs and Mr Negi, get the best out of your trip to Manali
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Premium Accommodation
Enjoy some breathtaking views of the mountains. Most of which are covered in glitter white snow in the winters!
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Scenic Beauty
The level of freshness oozes here. Oozes!

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Enjoy an overnight stay at the Hill Partridge Cottages.
  • Snug up in the comfort of traditionally-built wooden rooms.
  • Open up your heart to the mesmerizing valley and sit in the garden area to be at peace.

Where is this?

  • This property is at a 2 minutes walking distance only from Kullu- Manali Main Road.
  • Vertical rock walls, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, tiny lakes, peaks rising above 6,000 Mtrs. are the main characteristics of this region.
  • From Hill Partridge Cottage, one can extend their journey towards beautiful lake Chandrataal, which is around 120 Km by road.

With whom?

  • You'll have an independent room with access to common facilities.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • Breakfast shall be served to you.

Things to remember

  • For meals, you'll have to pay additionally.
  • The host can arrange for some special requests - such as a Romantic Dinner - at an additional charge.
  • Wellness services are available as well.

Something unique

An ideal retreat with multiple facilities and delectable food at a very budget price.

Tips from insiders

  • You get a homely vibe from the hotel, which is quite rare.
  • Mrs and Mr Negi come-in handy to best curate your trip in Manali.