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Pristine & Secluded Wooden Lodge In The Mountains

Narkanda, Shimla
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Immerse yourself in a pristine Himalayan forest surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains on every side. Explore miles of dense cedar, pine, spruce, fir and oak forest interspersed with meadows or simply take it all in from the luxurious comfort of the villa. Visit cherry and apple orchards or walk up to Hatu peak with its panoramic vistas and the Hatu temple dedicated to the goddess Kaali. Whether you enjoy hiking or rambling, bird-watching or star gazing, looking for wildflowers or mus show more

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Skyline Heaven

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A one-stop experiential holiday which includes holistic well-being, connecting closely to nature and enjoying the mountain’s simple yet luxurious offerings
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Property Specifics
The lower villa consists of 2 bedrooms and the upper villa comprises of 3 bedrooms.
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Elegant Interiors
With its fusion of traditional Himachali building materials of stone, wood and slate and an uncluttered contemporary aesthetic, Honeystone blends into its natural surroundings while providing guests with every comfort and amenity.
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Sumptuous Food
They strive hard to serve tasty, healthy and fresh food so that it’s worth every penny. With a chef on board, they can prepare any special dish or cuisine on request.
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In your bid to escape the crowded city or to satiate your yearning for a relaxing holiday, it is nestled in a pristine environment amidst whistling trees that lend healing frequencies may be just what you need.
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Things To Do
A steaming hot shower in the open or a sauna session during the chilly weather should be on your to-do list. Take a walk in the orchard surrounding the home. Indulge in a stargazing session by the warmth of the outdoor bonfire. Enjoy with a hearty English breakfast or authentic Himachali food in the open lawns. Do not forget to gorge on wood-fired pizzas!

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The home is the perfect mountain retreat which allows you to rejuvenate in peace.
  • Enjoy the views of the valley from the home, revel in the warmth of the indoor fireplace or plan a night of stargazing in the outdoor bonfire area.
  • Experience stunning snowfall in Narkanda as the valley gets covered in a white blanket.

Where is this?

  • Visit Hatu Peak which is just 4 km away and Tani Jubbar Lake which is 10 km from the home.
  • The home is on the way to Hatu Peak, a tourist spot that is 12000 feet above sea level offering a 360° view of the Dhauladhar and Sivalik Mountain Ranges.
  • One can visit Thanedar (15 km from the home), the place where Samuel Satyanand Stokes first introduced apple production in India.

With whom?

  • It's a shared homestay experience.
  • You'll have an independent room at the lodge with access to common areas.
  • You can book any number of rooms between 1 to 5.

You get

  • Accommodation is provided to you.
  • Sumptuous meals (breakfast and dinner) to be provided and are a part of the pricing.
  • Bonfire evenings are included too.

Things to remember

  • Guests are not allowed to access the kitchen except for infants with prior permission.
  • Sauna facility is available at an additional charge.

Something unique

At Honeystone, they offer you a unique opportunity to truly retreat from the madding crowd and experience nature with all your senses.

Tips from insiders

  • The sounds could penetrate through the walls as they're made out of wood (mostly comes from the Kitchen because of the household chores).
  • Don't forget to zip down the ski slopes!