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Hotel Golf View Suites

Beautiful and Serene Design, Elegant Marvel

Sector 43, Gurgaon
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Hotel Golf View Suites offers a sense of personalized experience along with perfectly curated arrangements for your special occasions such as Weddings, Engagements, DJ Nights, Interviews along with this they are a must stay place for Business Travels.

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Safety and Security
They offer completely sanitized and UV-treated property for you to flourish inside the abode of beautiful living and dining conditions.
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Paradise Rooms
They offer an elegantly designed and architectured room which shows the class and richness of the moment, memories are defined to be made here.
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Delicious Dining
They offer diverse options to treat your hunger with Japanese, Thai, Continental, and Indian cuisines. Hygiene is well written in their menu, They say good health is complimentary with tasty dining.
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Warm Reception
One such thing to remember them forever and come again to stay at their property is their warm and hospitable genuine greet, they really treat their guests as GOD!
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Kitchen Ingress
They provide Kitchenette so that you could create your favorite cuisine for yourself and your favorite person.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • Their Rooms are beautifully designed and architectured for your most comfortable sleep and colorful dreams. They care for your Health and Hygiene most and provide best-in-class cleanliness conditions with regular UV sanitizations.

Where is this?

  • This Star property located at elegant Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. With just 15 Km from the Indra Gandhi International Airport, this is a value for money, budget corporate hotel within 5-minute walking distance of major MNCs like Dell, Samsung, Ericsson, Hewitt, GE, Mercedes, and lots of others. Commercial Hubs like One & Two Horizon Centre are just 200 Meters and Cyber City is 3 km distance.

Something unique

Indian and Japanese Menu of delicious cuisine

Tips from insiders

  • Smoking Rooms available if asked
  • Golf Club very near to the Hotel