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Ivy & Floki

A delightful camp stay right in the heart of nature

Chakrata, Dehradun
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Located right next to a freshwater stream, on private farmland, these cozy, super cute, and bohemian nests offer an unforgettable stay. Surrounded with the tranquility and serenity of the hills, the only sounds audible here are the gurgling of the water of the nearby freshwater stream and the chirping of the bird. Located in a secret locality of Chakrata, this place is a perfect spot for the free souls, the wanderers, the explorers, and the crazy ones who believe in magic and wishes to experienc show more

A photo walkthrough

Enjoy Luxury Camping In The Rustic Jungles Of Uttarakhand

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Untouched Natural Surroundings
The surroundings of the nests are adorned with lush greenery, crisp Himalayan air, the chirping of birds, the sound of water gushing through a freshwater stream and snow-covered peaks in the distance
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Comfy Decor
The nests have minimalistic interiors and a lot of indoor space with some seating area, a proper bed with comfy beddings, crisp linen, and of course, comes with a private toilet/bath.
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Modish Abode
The Hushnests offer a glamorous world in which you enjoy supreme luxury and natural bliss. Every nest has a private dining area and there is a common area where the bonfire is setup.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • A brief stay in the midst of the rustic beauty of hills and super lovely surroundings.
  • Enjoy delicious local delights prepared by the in-house chefs available to please your taste buds.
  • Wake up to the fresh and charming mornings of the hills and also don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a hot cup of flavored tea at local villagers home.

Where is this?

  • Take a short walk to the nearby village and explore the beautiful life at hills.
  • Indulge in birdwatching by the stream and praise the beauty of the hills.

With whom?

  • Guests can book the entire tent for their use.

You get

  • Accommodation is covered.
  • Breakfast is also included.

Things to remember

  • Other meals are chargeable.

Something unique

The beautiful and comfortable camp stay allows its guests to go as close to the virgin nature of Uttarkhand hills as possible.

Tips from insiders

  • These Hushnests are located in the midst of unspoiled natural beauty with a lovely freshwater stream flowing through their backyard.
  • The boho decor of the tents, their comfy beddings, and dreamcatchers hanging quietly all attempts to introduce bohemian vibes and subtle luxury to space.
  • The place has also got an in-house chef who promises to thrill your taste buds with delectable local cuisines.