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Ivy Bridge Farm

Opulent Stay At A Farm

Bilaspur Kalan, Gurgaon
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
Ivy Bridge Farm is the perfect example of the kind of place the who's who residing in a chaotic city and like to get away to when they've had enough of the hustle and bustle. With its opulent design, multiple entertainment features and serene vibes, this villa makes for an ideal retreat for those in the mood for a grand vacation, but time in hand just about enough for a road trip..

A photo walkthrough

A Look Into Your Retreat.

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Your Stay
Your stay is a beautiful villa in among abundant farms. You'll be one with nature at Ivy Bridge Farms.
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Relaxing Vacation
Have a relaxing swim in the beautiful pool as you admire the architecture of the villa. Have refreshing drinks overlooking the pool.
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Lounge Area
Chill out in the relaxing and alluring rooms of the Ivy bridge Farm Villa adorned with amazing artifacts and art pieces.
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Master Bedroom
Have a great night's sleep in the calming interiors of the bedrooms at Ivy Bridge Farm.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • An ideal retreat for those in the mood for a grand vacation, but time in hand just about enough for a road trip.

Where is this?

  • Ivy Bridge Farm is located in an ideal spot that feels one with nature, yet is close to the city.
  • It is easy to sneak a quick getaway out of Delhi or Gurgaon to be here with your loved ones.
  • Ivy Bridge is famous for its beautiful Treehouses, Artificial rain, Bali style temple. There is even a mini-golf course.

With whom?

  • You and your group will have the entire space to yourselves.

You get

  • Your Accommodation for the day.
  • A complimentary breakfast is provided to you.
  • Bbq griller and pizza oven are available.

Things to remember

  • Meals (available at additional costs) - preference to told 4 days in advance.
  • Kitchen access (available at additional costs).
  • A floor mattress would be made available for extra occupants on an added charge.
  • Late check-out and early check-in available at INR 2000 per hour.

Something unique

At Ivy Bridge Farm be the closest no nature as possible.

Tips from insiders

  • Visit Sultanpur National Park.
  • Visit the scenic Damdama Lake.
  • You're allowed to bring your own Hookah at the place.