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Kamet - One Bedroom Chalet

Living On The Edge

Satkhol, Nainital
Homestay > Farmstay
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OffbeatA truly hidden and local experience
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Premium4 star trips with all modern amenities
At an impressive height of 6500 ft and furnished in locally sourced wood, “The Woodhouse Farm” is an architectural beauty in itself. A fresh concept in itself, this beautiful cottage provides 5 luxuriously spacious rooms. Including the panoramic view, everything about this place is innovation itself.

A photo walkthrough

Dalliance In Extremity

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Natural Fresco
The best kind of destinations are located right in the arms of nature and this property is also one of them. With dainty exteriors and interiors, this property has stunning views to revel all around its boundaries.
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Snuggly Spaces
Sleeping comfortably will not be questionable in these cozy and spacious rooms. Sound sleep and relaxation will go hand in hand in this pleasant room.
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Vivid Interiors
The interiors are classy and spacious. The cushy couches are perfect to sit back and spend your time relishing this beautiful and dandy property.

Quick gist

About the stay

  • The stay is all about the comforts of a high-class hotel but wrapped up with a wood finish to the entire exterior of this cottage.
  • Colorful Scenery, clear blue skies, cotton clouds, and virgin mountains surround you round the clock, giving a heavenly touch to your entire experience.

Where is this?

  • At a distance of 45kms from Nainital and 12kms from Mukteshwar, leaving behind the clatter and noises of city life, Woodhouse Stay is hidden off in a quaint little village called Satkhol.
  • Take nature walks in the vicinity under the guidance of expert guides.

With whom?

  • The property will be booked for you, with you as the only guest.

You get

  • The Fitness center is there so that the guests don't compromise on fitness.
  • Cycling equipment and bikes for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Library for ardent readers.

Things to remember

  • You can avail of a tour of the local culture by paying a small fee.
  • Themed dinner nights can be organized according to your convenience.

Something unique

The idiosyncratic architecture is an eye-turner.

Tips from insiders

  • In the arms of Mother Nature, this can be your little villa for you to stretch out as a king.
  • Move a step closer to the flora and fauna around as you open the doors to this cottage.